About us

PerutradeNow is a Portal aimed at foreign companies which are interested in learning about and purchasing Peruvian products; likewise, it can be used to establish business contacts with Peruvian exporting companies.

The Portal provides classified and updated information on the Peruvian exportable supply regarding topics such as: the evolution of companies and products according to its presentation, markets ranking and commercial contacts.


Through this module, you will be able to find Peruvian exporting companies classified by type of product, its presentation and by its code in the international harmonized system. In turn, companies may also be located through a browser under “company name”.

For every company, the Portal shows contact information (the company’s name, telephone number, fax number, contact person, e-mail and hyperlink to its website), commercial information (ranking of the main markets and products) and an option which allows you to schedule a business meeting.


This module presents information regarding Peruvian products organized in five categories or productive sectors: Fishing and Aquiculture, Agriculture and Agricultural Industry, Diverse Manufactures, Services and the Clothing industry. Moreover, you will find a list of the main products found in each of them.

General data is specified for each product such as: scientific name, commercial name, production areas, chemical and nutritional composition, certifications, commercial window and the ways it is presented; likewise, relevant commercial information is specified for analysis such as the ranking of the main markets and companies.


It is a contact area through which foreign entrepreneurs can directly establish business agendas with Peruvian companies according to their needs.


This module shows information about the advantages of doing business with or investing in Peru; through information regarding access to the Peruvian market such as: customs duties, regulations, commercial agreements between Peru and the rest of the world, etc. 


This module has contact information of the main Peruvian institutions, commercial guidance offices and embassies around the world. Just the same, you may find information about the main events in which Peru participates abroad.


This section is used to register as a portal user. Upon subscribing, you will be allowed to access and download commercial information on products and Peruvian exporting companies, as well as to schedule business agendas.